How to lose weight fast without exercise in a week


Posted on January 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM

how to lose weight fast

all right let's be honest I know you're looking for the easy way to lose belly fat and get abs and who isn't right I mean why would you do it the hard way if

you could do it the easy way well how can you actually do it without exercise though if you watch videos like p90x or other YouTube videos

you're probably assuming you have to do three hours a day of plank that's not

necessarily true now in this video I want to share with you guys how to

actually lose belly fat as best you can without any exercise whatsoever hey guys I'm Alex hi and author of the book mast of the day now in regard to

losing belly fat the very first thing is to understand where your baseline is so

for example when I say baseline I mean

male versus female your age your historical weight and your historical body fat your even your body type for example you may have been a leaner person genetically you may have been an overweight person slightly genetically

those are gonna affect certain things

for example there is some research suggesting that different people have

different amounts of carbs hollering so a lean person may be able to eat more carbs and gain less fat than someone who's less carbs hollering that's just an unfair fact the other thing is your age and your gender obviously your twenty-two-year-old body is gonna be different from your 52 year old body

there are many women I know that they're doing fine in their 20s 30s and 40s and

then may hit menopause suddenly gained weight despite eating right and working out and plenty of men that reach out to me in their mid to late 30s as soon as

they get really sedentary maybe their sleep is getting messed up from having

kids they're pounding back three cups of coffee a day or they're having a drink

every night and they're noticing that belly fat creep up what also matters is

your body type to begin with for example some people they have a lot of fat

accumulation from their waist down this is kind of that stereotypical

pear-shaped body now for other people though they're pretty lean so the very

first thing here for losing belly fat is to understand where your baseline is are

you naturally leaner are you naturally

slightly more overweight what gender are you and what age are you because these

are all going to be factors that come into play the second thing here is that

having a flat stomach is still at a high level dictated by calories at the end of

the day for example look at me as an extreme example in my late teens I was

doing no ab ( health Tips For You )exercises and I was doing no

exercise whatsoever besides playing

video games all day but because I ate a healthy diet where I was raised and I'm

when I went to college I still eat healthy and cooked I had a really clear six-pack now I wasn't fit at all I was severely underweight that was just genetically how I was but what I'm

trying to say is with no exercise no planks no ab exercises whatsoever

I still had ABS which should go to suggest that it's actually more about your body

fat levels instead of doing exercises in order to get abs all right that's

actually very important so whatever method you want to go about having the

lower calories is up to you two of the things I recommend that are easy are

intermittent fasting for example trying to ratio I suggested in the intermittent

fasting video previously or adopting a more low carb diet which tends to be for

people the two easiest ways that I've seen in order to eat better which

generally is in my experience the easiest way that people can actually eat

less calories without feeling

like they're eating less calories the third

thing here is to add 30 grams of protein to each meal I've had clients do this that are both vegan and vegetarian as well as carnivores that eat meat what I find is that with people eating 30 grams of protein per meal they are way more full they naturally

crave way less carbs their blood Sugar's more stable they have better energy and

they lose more body fat so one of the reasons is that higher protein is going

to increase the proper levels of for example testosterone and also a lower

carb diet is going to assist in rebalancing some of the hormones for example cortisol estrogen testosterone so besides the 30 grams of protein with each meal which could mean some eggs it could mean a piece of meat it could mean beans and rice or something else besides

that in particular the strictest version of losing belly fat without any exercise

whatsoever would be basically a strict specific carbohydrate diet or a strict

paleo which would be basically just meat plants and fats so almost every one of

your meals would look something like this where you have for example eggs

fats and vegetables salmon with a ton of vegetables and fats

chicken or steak with a ton of vegetables and fats and that's been in

my experience the most cutting end of a diet where that's difficult for most

people but it's also the most effective in terms of losing body fat staying full

and still being pretty healthy at the end of the day because they're still

getting protein fats and you're getting some carbs via the vegetables

so I hope that helps as far as the primer goes on losing belly fat without exercise now at

the end of the day though it's going to depend on you and for most people it

actually probably will take sighs you can lose belly fat without the exercise but to get the level of toning and a level of cutting that most men and women want it's probably gonna take

exercise at the end of the day to build

more muscle mass and lose more belly fat and you're gonna just look toned and

fitter overall anyway so I hope that helps remember your tiny daily habit for today

is to understand look at where you are adjust it based on your unique

circumstances you still have to decrease calories at the end of the day whatever

way you do that doesn't really matter try having 30 grams of protein with each

meal or going the most strict which is a strict Paleo that's the best way to get

the results I've seen without any exercise but remember you may need

exercise to go the whole way to get the results you want

what's up guys Daleks I hope you like this Article the best way to stay in touch

is to grab my totally free guide five daily habits to help you lose your next twenty to thirty pounds and if you like this tiny daily habits approach not only

I hope you are having a incredible day.

Immediately's video is in all honesty, is tremendous awkward for me to make

I by no means thought I might speak about my weight on the web

As you guys could know, about 6 months in the past, 5 and a half months in the past, my husband and I went vegan in a single day

after watching Gary Yourofsky's well-known speech, and yeah,

six months later, I am unable to imagine how a lot it has truly modified my life

and I really feel like my story, it could assist a few of you on the market watching this

so that's the reason I'm doing this. Despite the fact that I'm not that comfy displaying you guys the images I'm going to indicate you

and all this type of stuff, but when I may help somebody on the market that's struggling, then that's the reason I'm making this video.

I suppose let's begin at first, so rising up I used to be all the time a brilliant skinny child

by no means actually had like weight problems actually in my household or

I used to be by no means chubby, rising up I used to be all the time fairly skinny, by way of highschool, by way of faculty,

after I began placing on some weight was after I acquired married, like numerous ,

or not married, I might say, after I used to be in a critical relationship

with my now husband, a few 12 months in, we each began to placed on substantial quantities of weight

we met in Switzerland, and we moved to america collectively and that's when issues began

kinda go downhill, we began to go to numerous drive-throughs, consuming numerous junk meals, and

and we had been now not getting, like, any train We met in Switzerland the place we had been strolling on a regular basis and our life was only a bit extra balanced

than within the US the place the entire sudden we had vehicles and drive-throughs, and strolling was now not actually one thing we did fairly often

So I've some photos right here that is when, , we had been engaged, tremendous pleased, however tremendous unhealthy

and we had been each very self-conscious about our weight on a regular basis

and, yeah, it was simply not good. We had been all the time simply pondering we have to drop a few pounds, we have to work out, we have to eat more healthy, we have to food regimen, we have to strive issues, we have to limit our energy

and, um, I might go up and down, typically I felt actually good about my weight

however a lot of the instances I felt like I had some kilos to lose. I used to be the standard one that all the time felt

like they may all the time lose an additional 10 or 15 kilos. And as an individual who was all the time very skinny after I was youthful, , when Matias and I first met, I used to be very


um, this was very irritating, um, as a result of I believed, I could not actually do something about it apart from work out on a regular basis. However I've by no means been the one that enjoys understanding, so I all the time simply felt, um,

kinda caught, like, um I do not know, like eager to drop a few pounds, however not being motivated sufficient to work out and, um, there was simply by no means a very good resolution for both of us. Even my husband is a brilliant skinny man,

he began placing on weight as effectively, and he simply was feeling tremendous self-conscious, and I may see that in him, and he may see that in me, and it simply wasn't good. And naturally we knew if we eat wholesome and train

we'll drop a few pounds and be wholesome and it will not be a very good determination, however we by no means had the motivation

in us to do it and that's the reason going vegan has been so necessary. As a result of it provides you a purpose greater than simply your individual private well being and your individual private life.

Going vegan you may enhance the planet and it can save you a gazillion animals that get killed yearly so we will eat them, though they make us sick

and chubby.

So we did not go vegan for the burden loss, it was actually one thing I hoped was true

when everybody was speaking about it. However we positively went vegan for the ethics after I noticed a number of the stuff

that I noticed on the web. I now not may contemplate myself an inexpensive individual if I might proceed to participate within the

animal product trade and, yeah, after I noticed what I noticed, I simply could not partake in that in any respect, it was a simple

determination in a single day for each my husband and for me. I've right here an image from the day 1 on our vegan journey yeah, this even is not me at my highest weight, um, yeah this was me truly feeling considerably

okay about my weight, which is humorous now, as a result of I'll present you the after image in a second and it is fairly a dramatic distinction, however yeah, this earlier than image isn't the worst that I've belief me,

I could not even take an image on the worst level, however that is proper earlier than we went vegan um, so, yeah, that is fairly shocking for me to have a look at. And after six months of being vegan, that is what I seem like now. Fairly an enormous distinction, and I'm gonna go forward and say I misplaced all this weight with out

exercising. I'm not pleased with that. I want I exercised extra, however I nonetheless do battle with that division, nonetheless we do dwell a extra energetic kind life-style than once we had been dwelling within the US, so now we do stroll

in every single place. , we go up stairs, we stroll a very good variety of miles each single day. We dwell a bit bit extra energetic kind of life-style, however understanding sadly,

we have not been in a position to get into our, um, day by day routine but

um, however we're getting actually critical about it now, and I hope that in six extra months I am going to have one other image after six months of understanding included. However sadly, all I can present you is from dietary modifications

not from understanding as a result of we sadly have not been understanding like I simply stated. So I am unable to truly let you know the variety of kilos that I've misplaced over these six months as a result of I've not been weighing myself. Once more it was not my motivation for going vegan in any respect.

And I would not even contemplate us tremendous wholesome vegans. We eat potato chips on a regular basis, mashed potatoes, french fries, sweet. I imply we do eat that much more than we must always.

However we do incorporate far more vegatables and fruits clearly into our food regimen than I ever have in my total life And I believe the principle factor that made me lose all the burden was simply the unhealthiness, high-calorie of those

animal merchandise that I used to eat, has been not an choice anymore, so that's actually serving to. And essentially the most wonderful factor is after I stroll, , by way of the streets of Berlin and I see these scorching canine stands

and these pizza stands. These are issues that used to crave me a lot and I might simply need it. And now I am like, I do not even need it, and I am so grateful that I am vegan and that I've an even bigger purpose

to not eat these varieties of issues different than simply I do know it is dangerous for me, I should not however let me do it in any case

It is simply not an choice in any respect since we went vegan. We have not had a "relapse" or something like that.Positively not.

I don't even crave that sort of meals anymore as a result of I simply image what I've seen on the web and after I see that meals, and yeah, I simply do not see it as meals anymore. Once I go within the grocery retailer I see the

animal merchandise, the dairy, the meat, to me that is truly not meals anymore in my mind.

And I am unable to imagine that that change occurred to me, um, as a result of I used to be such a hen nugget, cheese, individual.

Nevertheless it feels wonderful to eat higher and it is enhancing my well being so much. My husband and I've a lot power far more than ever earlier than. We used to must drink a lot caffeine and crimson bull to get by way of the day

and we've not had caffeine in a really very long time now. Properly, we would have an occasional deal with, like a coke as soon as a month or one thing like that,

however, not three crimson bulls a day like we used to, which is wonderful. My husband additionally used to endure from debilitating digestive and abdomen points.

Each time he would eat, he would have horrible cramping, and must be within the rest room for a lot of hours. I do not know, possibly not many hours, however it felt prefer it to me. Like he all the time needed to depart, um, each time we went to dinner,

or we had been at household issues or no matter. And that has been utterly cured, which we had been by no means in a position to remedy. Earlier than we took him to the physician and acquired him examined for all types of issues. , he tried chopping

dairy, that did not work. He tried hen, that did not work. He tried chopping out crimson meat, that did not work. However since going vegan six months in the past he has not suffered from these digestive points anymore which

is de facto enhancing his high quality of life,

and our relationship as effectively.

As for me, apart from elevated power and weight reduction, I simply really feel like happier, I really feel good. I really feel good day-after-day

that I'm making good choices with what I'm consuming. It is permitting me to simply, I do not know, or not permitting me it's making me be extra intentional human being and occupied with issues earlier than I eat them, clearly.

And simply being extra conscious of my affect on different lives, , animal lives, and I simply really feel actually good at night time understanding I am not contributing to something that's destroying my well being, the setting, or animals lives.

Oh yeah, though I am unable to let you know what number of kilos I've misplaced, I can let you know that earlier than I went vegan I used to be an enormous measurement 10 in pants. So a US measurement 10 pants was fairly comfortable, um, six months in the past, and at this level,

the pants I am sporting proper now, I imagine, are a measurement 6, and they're means too unfastened, and I am able to down a measurement once more.

So I do not understand how a lot that's in kilos, however I've misplaced a very good quantity of inches off my waist, thighs, legs. I might say just about in every single place and I really feel actually good about that.

It feels good to be again to a measurement that I truly see myself in my head, cuz, typically you get to that time in your life, in your head you are one measurement,

and also you look within the mirror and also you're one other measurement. And also you simply cannot actually know it. So I really feel like I am extra

at a weight the place I really feel like myself. And I really feel like I seem like I really feel. I do not know. Anyhow, you guys, this video

is to not preach, or something like that. Um, I'm not a kind of channels, I hope you may see that.

However I do know numerous you is likely to be struggling along with your weight and weight-reduction plan and all these issues, and I can let you know

it is not going to work,

it is not going to long run sustainable. However in case you go vegan you do not have to look at your energy, or calorie limit. You'll be able to eat all of the yummy vegan entire plant meals that you really want and never must

fear about gaining weight. And it is a incredible good thing about the life-style for me,

personally, as a result of I can not "food regimen" and reduce energy,

it is simply, it doesn't work for me. I've tried it many instances, um, positively not long run sustainable and I like being vegan as a result of I do not know, so many causes, however the principle factor is also that you do not have to

watch what you might be consuming a lot. ? You'll be able to get pleasure from all of the healthful plant meals that you really want,

? And once more, I am most likely speaking an excessive amount of, I'm not a vegan professional in any respect. I would not even contemplate

myself to be the healthiest vegan. I would like to include extra greens, extra entire meals, and extra train into my food regimen and life-style, which is my purpose going ahead

now that I've misplaced a very good chunk of weight. I've extra power, and I need to work out, it is truly bizarre.

For the primary time in my life, I really feel like I need to transfer and do issues with my physique. I really feel like I do not need to simply be


I've this elevated power and I wanna, I wanna put it someplace. I wanna transfer, I wanna work out So I simply must discover a work out that fits me and I am trying ahead to, um, being a more healthy vegan um, within the subsequent six months. So I'll examine in with you guys most likely in six months, cuz I do not need to speak about this

on a regular basis on my channel.

However hopefully it made some sense to a few of you, helped a few of you out.

Thanks guys a lot for Reading, I like you a lot, and I am going to see you subsequent time. Bye!.

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